🎄 🎁A massage gift voucher tucked into a card may seem unassuming, but the effects will be powerful! 🎁🎄

Here are Esme and Louise’s top five reasons why massage gift voucher should be at the top of your gift list:

🎁 The Gift of Thoughtfulness and Wellness – When you purchase a massage as a gift, it is always out of love and thoughtfulness for a loved one or for anyone that matters in your life.

🎁The Gift of Stress Relief – Christmas can be filled with family, friends, fun, food, but it can leave any merrymaker feeling tired and stressed. Massage calms the nervous system and provides an oasis of respite.

🎁The Gift of Pain Removal – From hanging Christmas lights to carrying all those shopping bags of presents and food, these activities can create strain, sprain and pain. Massage addresses pain and stiffness by increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and releasing crinkles and tight spots from muscles.

🎁The Gift of Raised Spirits – Massage makes the best gift because it can boost the mood. The release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, is increased during massage, as is the release of serotonin and dopamine.

🎁Lastly…..The Gift of Ease – Give yourself the gift of a super-simple present purchase…. ! A gift voucher can be easily purchased over the phone or even online (conveniently, anywhere, anytime) and with almost immediate delivery by email as an evoucher gift certificate. There is no last-minute frenzy in shopping for a gift or racking your brains for gift ideas for a suitable gift.