Discover the true pleasure of a relaxed mind and rested body with our diverse selection of relaxation and therapeutic massages, holistic and complementary treatments. Holistic and complementary therapies can help relieve stress and tension, bringing the body and chakras in to balance promoting feelings of well-being and allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Our massages relieve those who simply aim for relaxation, and stress release to clients that want to improve aches and pains, relieve stress and tension, improve sleep and detoxify, improve posture or circulation. Our highly trained therapists have a strong belief in the power of touch and will tailor each treatment with you, from the oils used to the depth of the massage pressure, so that it meets your exact needs and makes your massage a truly unique experience in caring for the mind, body and soul. To help choose a treatment we have coded all of our massage and wellbeing treatments with a pressure guide: L – Light, M – Medium, F – Firm