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30 minutes £22.00
With toe nail and cuticle tidy 45 minutes £25.00

The treatment includes includes  a eucalyptus cleansing and hydrating foot soakfollowed by a leg and foot acupressure and massage.

Key benefits of this treatment

  • Cleansing and hydrating
  • Detoxifies skin and underlying tissues
  • Massage will stimulate the blood and lymph flow to improve the health of your skin, reducing muscle spasms and cramps in the feet and legs .
  • Improved mobility and posture
  • Soothes, nourishes, and moisturises the skin
  • Will refresh, restore, and revitalise your mind, body, and spirit.

Take this service as a stand-alone 30-minute treatment or add it to a facial or massage for the ultimate bliss.


To achieve maximum benefits from your treatment, we recommend following some basic tips and advice.

Our top tips

The following home-care routine will ensure you keep your  feet and nails in tip-top condition.

  • Use cream or lotion after washing feet to moisturise and soften the skin.
  • Use a file on rough edges or split nails (never use a metal nail file).
  • The feet should be washed at least once a day, finishing with a cold rinse. Dry the skin well, particularly between the toes.
  • Scrubbing the feet briskly with a small firm brush not only helps to clean them, but, also stimulates the blood circulation and has an invigorating effect on the feet. Do this after the feet have been washed.
  • Hard skin on your feet can be treated at home following a bath or shower with a pumice stone or callous file.
  • Soften the treated area afterwards by massaging in a foot cream or body lotion.
  • Keep toenails trimmed and filed straight across to prevent splits and infections.