Have you ever thought about how much time and effort you dedicate to shaving or waxing every week? Maybe it’s time to look for an alternative.

The true costs of shaving and waxing versus Laser Hair Removal

Reports show that the average woman spends around 8 whole weeks of her life waxing, costing as much as £23,000.

At a first glance, shaving seems to be less expensive and less time consuming – plus it can be easily done at home. However, this almost daily beauty routine has a disastrous impact on the planet. Disposable razors will be a part of the landscape for a very long time. Most are made of plastic and can’t be recycled.

Laser Hair Removal is the safe and cost-efficient alternative
Once you begin your Laser Hair Removal treatments, you will no longer need to waste your money on regular shaving and waxing. Or even stress when preparing for a holiday!

Here at The Violet Butterfly, we offer the best treatments and industry-leading standards in staff training. We have made it easy for you with Pay-As-You-Go Laser Hair Removal treatments starting at just £25 per treatment area. Call the salon now or book online for a complimentary consultation and patch test.