Are you finding that your skin is breaking out more than usual now the wearing masks have become the everyday new normal? Unfortunately, that does not appear to be changing anytime soon, so what can we do to help alleviate these?

What is Maskne?
Maskne is mask-induced acne (there is a clue in the name…). As most of us aren’t that used to wearing masks – and neither is our skin – many mask wearers are reporting redness, irritation and breakouts as a result of wearing them. Breakouts of Maskne are most commonly found where people’s masks sit. E.g. along the bridge of the nose on people’s chin, cheeks and along their jawline. The cause can be from friction and the warm sweaty environment under a mask. Both causing the skin irritation and unbalancing the usual state.

How to avoid getting Maskne?
We can all get it, but there are certain things you can do to prevent reduce the chances of developing it or minimising how badly you get it. So, first things first
• Regularly change and clean your masks. Only touch them with clean hands (also especially important for minimising any contamination!).
• Avoid wearing make up if possible and use skin care that help reduce clogged pores.
• Thoroughly cleanse the skin after long periods of mask wearing to help clear pores and then use a moisturiser that helps to rebuild skins defence and barriers.
• Stay well hydrated. Prolong mask wearing can reduce the amount of times we hydrate through out the day so try to take on as much fluid when you have the chance to.
• Use gentle exfoliators during this time as the skin will be sensitive and more irritation could lead to more spots, preferably “chemical” exfoliators such as ones with fruit acids or AHA’s and BHA’s.
• Book in for a facial! Start small with your changes, do not overload the skin with too much all at once. Facials are a great way to boost the skin and then slowly introducing the correct skin care at home.

Homecare products from Guinot that we recommend
• Gommage Biologique- Natural fruit acid exfoliator.
• Lait Hydra Fraicheur- Light hydration cleanser
• Masque Pur Equilibre- Antimicrobial to purify and a mild exfoliating to remove impurities.
• Masque Hyrda Sensitive – Soothes skin and helps reinforce natural defenses.
• Red Logic – Green product helps to reduce appearance of redness, soothes skin.