🎁Kathryn’s Orange Pomander Table Centrepiece Making orange pomanders is easy, and, quite therapeutic and relaxing. You can even sit and make them while binge watching Christmas films! 🎁

🎁 You will need: Oranges, whole Cloves, black marker pen, a cocktail stick, a star and some battery operated fairy lights.
🎁 To start, lightly draw out your design or pattern in marker pen on the orange.
🎁 Then simply push in the cloves into the orange! (If the rind is thick, use the cocktail stick to poke the holes first).
🎁 When you have done all your oranges stack them on a shiny platter (available from Proper Job or The Range) in a pyramid, pop your star on the top and decorate with the fairy lights. It really is that SIMPLE!
🎁 If you are adventurous you can also zester to carve designs in the orange.
🎁 Top tip. Your orange pomander will last for a few days before they start to get mouldy, so leave making it till as close to Christmas as possible. To give them a bit of extra life, you can put them in the fridge at night.