🎁 Louise’s Hug In A Mug – Hot Chocolate Indulgence For Adults.A couple of days ago Louise told you how you could make hot chocolate gifts for children, this week it’s all about the adults who like a cheeky hot chocolate on a cold winters night.🎁

🎁You will need: mason jar mugs with lids (Available from Proper Job or The Range), ribbon and tag to decorate. The ingredients are simply hot chocolate, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and a miniature bottle of Baileys!
🎁Dependant on the size of your mason jar mugs, start with two heaped tablespoons of hot chocolate mix, then add some chocolate chips, to finish, fill to the top with mini marshmallows.
🎁 If you get the measurements wrong on the first try – just add hot milk and enjoy it yourself!
🎁For an extra special treat you could always add a Baileys truffle on top of the marshmallows.
🎁Decorate with ribbon, your bottle of baileys securely to the side or handle, add a tag and your gift is ready.