🎁 Kathryn’s Hyacinth or Narcissus Jars. These bulbs in mason jars would make cute gifts that will last way past Christmas and brighten up the dark days of January and February! 🎁

🎁 Super easy to do. You will need Jars, Pebbles, gravel or glass beads, twine or ribbon, a tag, your choice of bulb and some water (Proper job is a great place for all these things!)
🎁Just the fill bottom of the jar with at least 4 inches pebbles, gravel or glass beads.
🎁 Arrange the bulbs on the pebbles so the flat base of the bulb is just above the water but close enough that the roots will contact the water.
🎁 Decorate with ribbon or garden twine, add a label and your gift is ready.
🎁 Top tip. You can upcycle any jar for this and if you are using as all bulbs like Crocus, Snow Drop and Grape Hyacinth bulbs you would add 2 – 3 bulbs.